British American Tobacco will launch disposable electronic cigarette Vuse Go in Germany in October

Vuse Go is very successful in the UK market.


Because Vuse Go is very successful in the UK market, British American Tobacco decided to launch the same model product after technological innovation in Germany in early October.


Vuse Go is a pocket disposable electronic cigarette with five different flavors. British American Tobacco said that Vuse Go is a substitute for cigarettes, which can provide consumers with more convenient services.


At the same time, British American Tobacco will launch Vuse recycling program to let consumers dispose of waste in a more convenient and environmentally friendly way after use. Vuse Go focuses on adult consumers, highlighting the minors’ purchase ban logo on the package.


The relevant person in charge of British American Tobacco said: “Vuse Go is our new convenient electronic cigarette and another milestone to meet the diversified needs of consumers. Vuse Go will further consolidate our market position in the field of electronic cigarettes.”

Post time: Sep-27-2022